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10:56 Tvheadend Bug #4870 (Fixed): textrels from bundle.o due to missing CFLAGS
Applied in changeset commit:tvheadend|511fddc480c11ba55c9078e54884b584430dc41e.
10:55 Tvheadend Revision 9718e8e0 (tvheadend): mpegts input: add mpegts_input_postdemux()
10:20 Tvheadend Revision 511fddc4 (tvheadend): Makefile: Add CFLAGS for timestamp and bundle objects, fixes #4870
09:42 Tvheadend Revision a48d7795 (tvheadend): dvb psi lib: another fix for the table interval check
09:29 Tvheadend Bug #4872: Please reopen issue 4816
What does not work for you? DVR entries have new 'summary' column which should contain the text which was originally ...


20:50 Tvheadend Revision 5589f394 (tvheadend): DVR: fix the rerecord extra_pre + warm check
20:38 Tvheadend Revision 9c63800f (tvheadend): DVR: fix the dvr_event_updated() logic, all channel DVR entries mu...
20:17 Tvheadend Bug #4869: Power cut recovery issue
You should provide more logs from tvheadend. It's difficult to determine what's going on from your description. It lo...
17:59 Tvheadend Bug #4868: Timers are not scheduled
I cannot confirm that. Could you show the '--trace dvr' ?
17:33 Tvheadend Revision 25cec23e (tvheadend): lang_str: fix lang_str_get()

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