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4947TvheadendBugNewNormaltvhpoll.c error when running make2018-02-18 01:27
4946TvheadendBugNewNormalTvH crashes approx. 1 Minute after start of stream2018-02-18 01:19
4944TvheadendBugNewNormalAutorec is not working after code epg changes2018-02-16 17:55
4942TvheadendBugNewNormalTvheadend no output of channels sometimes2018-02-18 02:41
4941TvheadendBugNewNormalkdps2018-02-14 15:56
4940TvheadendBugNewNormalCan't play recorded video file inside of tvheadend2018-02-14 17:37
4938TvheadendFeatureNewNormalSAT>IP: Add Transport Protocol to Input Name2018-02-15 21:09
4937TvheadendFeatureNewNormalConnections: Add a button [Close all connections]2018-02-14 13:094.4
4934TvheadendFeatureNewNormalSAT>IP: Print list of PIDs used in the SUBSCRIPTION section of the UI2018-02-15 21:17
4933TvheadendFeatureNewNormalSat-IP: Allow only one Stream per Tuner2018-02-13 11:174.6
4932TvheadendBugNewNormaltbl-pass: pass-sdt: -: invalid checksum / tbl-pass: pass-eit: -: invalid checksum2018-02-12 20:20
4930TvheadendFeatureNewNormalMPEG-TS source: Add pid control support2018-02-12 16:33
4929TvheadendBugNewNormalService not detected correctly from Tvheadend SAT>IP client2018-02-09 16:23
4925TvheadendBugNewNormaltvheadend crashes2018-02-17 11:50
4924TvheadendBugAcceptedNormalPVu: Add newcamd support2018-02-09 18:13
4922TvheadendBugNewNormalNo input source available bug2018-02-10 20:56
4918TvheadendBugNewNormalStop streaming xxx, muxer reported errors2018-02-05 10:06
4917TvheadendFeatureNewNormalOption to build with restricted CPU usage2018-02-09 09:00
4913TvheadendBugNewNormalConfiguration tab completely missing2018-02-03 16:04
4912TvheadendFeatureNewNormalRecorded TV: Folder creation for timer/series link only2018-02-08 16:58
4910TvheadendBugNewNormalAudio Stream with language qac and qab is not sent over HTSP2018-02-01 20:25
4905TvheadendFeatureNewNormalAdd NVIDIA's NVENC - encoding options with HW acceleration2018-01-31 09:15
4903TvheadendFeatureNewNormalRFE: Add button to list upcoming recordings found by selected autorec2018-01-31 17:484.4
4902TvheadendFeatureNewNormalRFE: Add Priority to the 'Add Autorec' dialog2018-02-08 12:264.4
4900TvheadendBugNewNormalEIT EPG not updating already grabbed events2018-02-05 21:00

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