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4620TvheadendFeatureNewNormalSAT>IP: Replace "pids=all" requests2017-09-22 19:12
4619TvheadendFeatureNewNormalSAT>IP: Drop "fe" parameter2017-09-22 17:50
4618TvheadendBugNewNormalSAT>IP: Crash two client request the same autocreated MUX in a remote SAT>IP server2017-09-22 17:22
4617TvheadendFeatureNewNormalSAT>IP: Support different PORT over NAT FORWARDING2017-09-21 13:28
4616TvheadendFeatureNewNormalDocumentation refresh2017-09-21 11:594.4
4615TvheadendFeatureNewNormalUse fuzzy logic to link epg data source to channel2017-09-21 12:34
4614TvheadendBugNewNormal%p in post recording command partly broken2017-09-21 20:59
4613TvheadendBugNewNormalTVH crashes when user disconnects unexpectedly2017-09-20 17:49
4612TvheadendBugNewNormalHardware Transcoder use vaapi when nvenc is selected2017-09-19 17:22
4611TvheadendBugNewNormalSAT>IP: Same program uses different tuner2017-09-21 15:06
4610TvheadendFeatureNewNormalSAT>IP: Impersonate hardware server2017-09-21 19:10
4608TvheadendBugNewNormalBuild-in Help: wrong format in example of %p2017-09-20 12:06
4607TvheadendBugNewNormalTVHeadend crash (out of memory)2017-09-20 19:51
4605TvheadendBugNewNormalSAT>IP: Deadlock in a RaspberryPi2017-09-18 17:42
4602TvheadendFeatureNewNormalHardcoded max error value will sort out "okayish" recordings2017-09-18 15:524.4
4600TvheadendBugNewNormalsupport stream reconfiguration for libav/mpegts muxer2017-09-19 16:14
4599TvheadendFeatureNewNormalAnamorphic set on transcoding2017-09-15 20:25
4598TvheadendBugNewNormalSAT>IP: RTP-over-TCP reset the tuner when data is discarded2017-09-18 13:53
4597TvheadendBugNewNormalVideo Transcode failing on 4.3-472~g8fc35202017-09-15 19:05
4596TvheadendBugNewNormalPausing in live-tv modus causes screenfreeze.2017-09-16 03:47
4595TvheadendBugNewNormalEMM harvesting with Mux scheduler not working?2017-09-16 14:15
4594TvheadendFeatureNewNormalIn EPG guide please add column to show New / premiere / unknown status2017-09-14 21:34
4593TvheadendFeatureNewNormalRFE for upcoming recordings: Add possibility to manually add season and episode information2017-09-14 18:49
4592TvheadendFeatureNewNormalEPG: Italian parsing season/episode from Title/Subtitle/Description2017-09-16 22:04
4590TvheadendBugNewNormalTVHeadend 4.3-468~g54c999717 is FTBFS on Ubuntu Xenial ppc64el (GCC6.3)2017-09-14 15:23

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