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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Updated Target version
4734TvheadendFeatureNewNormalDisable HTTP service/thread2017-11-22 13:06
4733TvheadendBugNewLowEdge case: build error/changes to some files can cause comet error2017-11-21 22:36
4732TvheadendBugNewNormalHerratic descrambling2017-11-20 11:08
4730TvheadendBugNewNormalPossible memory leak2017-11-20 12:02
4728TvheadendBugNewNormalUnsupport DVN jet 5.3 ,Request CAID error2017-11-18 01:09
4725TvheadendBugAcceptedNormalRepo Certificate Problems on Ubuntu Trusty2017-11-15 09:08
4719TvheadendBugNewNormalGrid Update - Unauthorized2017-11-15 19:36
4717TvheadendFeatureNewNormalDTMB support2017-11-10 14:10
4715TvheadendFeatureNewNormalStripe out "HD" from channel names when mapping services2017-11-18 00:09
4714TvheadendFeatureNewNormalAdd "Use fuzzy mapping if merging same name" in bouquets section2017-11-09 10:55
4711TvheadendFeatureNewNormalExternal event handler mechanism2017-11-06 19:04
4708TvheadendFeatureNewNormalenabling static linked dvb-apps libs2017-11-22 13:59
4700TvheadendBugNewNormalFallback on merged channels not working 2017-11-02 19:09
4697TvheadendBugNewNormalCompile failed due to "/bin/bash: ./genperf: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error"2017-10-30 16:10
4695TvheadendFeatureNewNormalDisplay recordings filepath in web interface Finished Recording info window.2017-11-02 19:51
4694TvheadendBugNewNormalStream freezes after few seconds on 4.2 & 4.32017-10-30 11:39
4693TvheadendBugNewNormalswitching channels often results in an erroneous stream2017-10-28 20:40
4691TvheadendBugNewNormalRewrite MPEG-TS SI tables not working for all channels2017-11-04 17:32
4690TvheadendFeatureNewNormalParental control based on users and age of the programs2017-10-27 11:33
4689TvheadendFeatureNewNormalClean obsolete imagecache and log files2017-10-25 23:49
4687TvheadendBugNewNormalProblem with Autobuild script2017-10-25 16:14
4686TvheadendBugNewNormalWrong TSID overwrite2017-10-25 14:36
4684TvheadendBugNewNormaltvh crashes on certain dvr-filenames2017-10-24 16:40
4683TvheadendBugNewNormaltvheadend not support dvn ca system(cdid 4a30)2017-10-24 09:37
4682TvheadendBugNewNormalTVH not grouping recordings after reboot following filemoved API call 2017-10-26 01:31

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