EPG source from another tvheadend

Added by Toni Ber 4 months ago

I am not sure how to go about grabbing the EPG data from another tvheadend.

In other words I have two tvheadend servers one is sourcing EPG from DVBC and the other from DVBS and DVBT2.

I need to copy the EPG from tvheadend with DVBC, and both are on private network (VPN over MW-Link).

Any idea how would would it be best using XMLTV or some other grabber? Can XMLTV be set to source from say domain tvheadend.local:9981?

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RE: EPG source from another tvheadend - Added by Pila RPi 26 days ago

As nobody answered: I do not see why you must have Two TVH servers?

I have a single TVH at RPi: it is connected to my 3 DVB-T tuners, to all my local surveilance cameras and to IPTV channels. They are all listed together in TVH, regardles of where the source of the image is.

For DVB-T channels, I pull EPG from OTA (from chaneels themselves). For IPTV I pull EPG from the Web and integrated it into the same TVH, too. My cameras obviosly do not have EPG, they are here just so I can switch to them immediatelly should I wish to see their feed at my TV.

I am watching all these video feeds on multiple devices. And their EPG.