tv_grab_file not found

Added by Tim Bremer 6 months ago


until now I have been using a Synology NAS running TV Headend, but now I want to change to an own-built NAS which runs Debian 8.9 and Openmediavault 3.
I installed successfully TVHeadend 4.2-stable on the new NAS as well as the grabbers provided by, so nearly a dozen grabbers are shown as internal grabber modules.

Additionally I want to include a local xmltv-file, provided by WebGrab Plus. Therefore I use the tv-grab-file from, changed the path to my xmltv-file, created a symlink to /usr/bin/tv-grab-file and made it executable. But within TvH it is not shown in the internal grabber modules.
All permissions are set to 777, the original tv-grab-file as well as the softlink and the xmltv-file, even all involved directories. Owner is always 'root'.

So why does it not show up in Configuration | Channel / EPG | EPG Grabber page ? Especially because all other tv_grab_* files are detected ?
(I also restarted the machine several times)

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RE: tv_grab_file not found - Added by Tim Bremer 6 months ago

It seems to work when I am not using symlinks, but place the tv_grab_file directly into /usr/bin.
At least it appears in TvH.

I created the symlinks by the following commands:

ln -s /mystuff/xmltv/tv_grab_file /usr/bin/tv_grab_file
chmod +x /usr/bin/tv_grab_file

So I don't understand what went wrong?

EDIT: Tried to run the local grabber and TvH complained about missing permissions. Here I have to correct myself: The directories haven't had the 'executable' attribut, just the files. Now it seems to work.

RE: tv_grab_file not found - Added by Robert Cameron 6 months ago

The reason the symlinked version doesn't work is probably because of permissions issues of the link target. If your script is located in a directory that the user Tvheadend runs as cannot read, then it will not be able to execute the script. As far as populating the list of internal grabbers, I believe Tvheadend merely addds every {,/usr}/{,s}bin/tv_grab_* file it finds.