XMLTV EPG "holes"

Added by David Bajda 6 months ago


I have a problem with my TVHeadEnd setup. I am running HTS Tvheadend 4.2.3-20~g407c8a370~zesty on Ubuntu Server.
My timezone is UTC-2 and I beleive I set it everywhere on my server and TVHeadend.

So, I imported two different XMLTV EPG. When EPG shows in tvheadend, there is no EPG between 11pm and midnight. So I am missing 1 hour of EPG. EPG is correct, not 1 hour early or something, just missing 1 hour of it. I inspected epg xml file and it has full EPG, it just doesnt show between 11pm (23:00) and midnight (0:00).

Any idea?